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12 Miles

It’s windy and snowy today, so I’ll be heading indoors for a treadmill run.  Last week’s run was memorable.  I took a few photos along the way.

Look at that hill in the background. I ran up it. I hear the first 3 miles in the Austin HM are all uphill.

–Running Girl 


A Hero

Although I use this word sometimes to describe baseball players and grandfathers, my favorite use of the term “hero” is to describe a sandwich on Italian bread containing meat liberally covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese.

Tonight, I want to tell you about a real hero.

Leon Smith is my friend.  He served his country as a soldier in Vietnam.  Undoubtedly, he engaged in heroic activities during that conflict.  But, that’s not what I’m going to talk about in this post. Continue reading

A Good Run and a Bad Run

I went to see my awesome and favorite Nurse Practitioner the other week. Our NP walks the walk.  She is fit and healthy herself.   She teaches spinning classes at our gym.  She is one of those rare folks in the medical profession who truly cares about her patients.  She takes time to talk with you and wants to get to know you.  As a result, you might have to wait, but when she gets to you she might end up asking a question that explains a symptom you didn’t think of.

While she was treating me for a nasty ear infection, she mentioned an inaugural 5K that was coming up.  She said she was running it and that I should think about doing it too. Continue reading

“Good” Goody Bag

When you sign up for a race you usually get a Goody Bag.  Some Goody Bags are not so good. Happily, this year’s Niagara Falls Marathon Goody Bag made me happy.

Here’s what you’ll find in a Goody Bag: Continue reading

The Eagle and The Beaver

In the late 1990s, I asked an American who had lived in Canada what it was like to reside on that side of the border.

“Well,” she stated, pausing to think about it.  “Americans have almost no views on Canadians.  However, Canadians have very definite opinions about Americans.”

My years of living at the border and traveling within Canada have affirmed this wisdom.



  1. Name Canada’s current leader (hint: he is the Prime Minister).
  2. Name Canada’s two main political parties.
  3. Name at least one Canadian Football League (CFL) team.

(Answers are found at the bottom)

Yanks, you don’t know any of these, do you?  But, virtually all Canadians can answer these questions about the United States of America


My favorite Canadian sign. Each time I see one of these, I feel like I've won a race.

Continue reading

Hospice Dash 2011

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for this inaugural race.  I have the sense there are many more  thumbs up out there based on conversations I had with other runners after the race.

Western New York has two half marathons that run in the spring.  Up until now there haven’t been any fall races of that distance.  There are some in the area: Niagara Falls, Canada, Toronto and Erie, PA.  This race fits nicely into the Western NY calendar. Continue reading

Fall Running

Today is a day when a person can be truly thankful to be a runner.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  Clear, bright blue, sunny skies.  Temperatures in the high 50s when I started out.  It was glorious.

I got out around 8:30 for an 8 mile run.  This is my last run before my half marathon next weekend.  I was unusually tired yesterday and actually opted to skip my run.  I usually will push myself through a run when I’m tired, telling myself I’ll be thankful when I’m done.  It is rare to finish a run without even a small sense of accomplishment.  Yesterday I really wasn’t feeling it.  Instead I hit the hot tub.  This morning I was eager to get out to enjoy the day. Continue reading