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Workplace Acts of Nobility

Today, I want to write about noble acts.  They are all around us.  If you’re lucky like me, they’re also present in your place of employment.

We spend roughly a third of our daily time in the workplace.  That’s a lot of tick-tocks.  Obviously, there are things that all of us dislike about our place of employment.  But, I hope that the positives outweigh the negatives at your job.

I work in a law firm that has about 70 employees.  It can be a very stressful environment.  The people on top set priorities for the people below.   Having someone telling you what to do is freighted with the potential for conflict.

The partners (the bosses) have the ever-present obligation to bring in more business and to maintain the business that is already in the door.  This dynamic permits all of the people in the place to take home a paycheck, enjoy benefits, and to hope for a better future.  That’s stressful as well. Continue reading


Ch-Ch-Changes. Turn and Face the Strange.

When I was younger, I tended to over-sentimentalize change.  A departure from a summer job or the end of camp might bring about a round of farewells that was perhaps out of proportion to the actual experience.

As a middle-aged guy looking back on early experiences, I now realize that this was my manner of dealing with the anxiety of change.  As humans, we may be biologically programed to fear change and its fraternal twin, the unknown. Continue reading

Just Another Day

Every Day She Takes A Morning Bath To Wet Her Hair,

Wraps A Towel ’round Her

As She’s Heading For The Bedroom Chair,

It’s Just Another Day.

— Paul McCartney, Just Another Day

Precious? Not always.

When I awoke on March 29, 2011, I knew this would not be just another day.  Big events were on the calendar.  I tried to prepare for these.  However, unplanned happenings played a big part in this day.

In a sincere effort to avoid providing you with a repetitive and cumulative account of how difficult mornings with Island Boy can be, let’s just say that our Caribbean Prince took me back to the bad, old days when he would try to convince me who was really in charge.  When we arrived at preschool, I unceremoniously handed IB off to his very sweet teacher with words to the effect of, “Well, he’s yours now.  Good luck.” Continue reading