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Conversations with Island Boy

Tonight at bedtime I pulled out our photo books from Haiti.  IB and I poured over the photos.  We shared our memories.  When it was time to turn out the lights IB wanted to sleep with the books.  He asked me to tuck them in under the covers with him.

RG:  Do you love your books about Haiti?

IB:  No, I love ME!

–Running Girl


The View

The Window

From my office window, I observe life.  My view is of the streets of downtown Buffalo, New York.  I spend more time looking through this window than any other.

As I look out every day, I see the expected and the unexpected.  I watch people who don’t necessarily realize that they are being observed.  As a result, their actions are often unguarded and pure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Peeping Tom or voyeur.  I’m just a guy looking up from his desk every so often to break the monotony of the work day. Continue reading

Esoteric Colors: The Answers

This quiz was tough.  Based upon the number of clicks (and lack of comments) received, it did not seem like many people attempted it.

The Answers:

  1. Puce is purplish-brown (d)
  2. Chartreuse is halfway between yellow & green (f)
  3. Mauve is pale lavender-lilac (h) Continue reading

A Piece of a Wall

Travelers heading toward downtown Buffalo on Seneca street might not notice this section of ordinary red brick wall nestled up against a railroad trestle:This section of masonry is all that remains of an important architectural structure, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Weekend-Bullet Style

What a great Thanksgiving!  Here are some of my favorite moments from the past four days:

  • The Fashionista recruiting Island Boy into one of her favorite Thanksgiving traditions of watching the Macy’s Parade.
  • Island Boy’s enthusiasm over the impending feast, including him pretending to stuff his face with sound effects, of course.
  • Another successful Thanksgiving meal prepared by the resident vegetarian. Thanks, Silver Palate Cookbook!
  • A pretty good first attempt at baking an apple pie.
  • Island Boy gorging himself on an entire turkey leg. has a t-shirt that reads : Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

Conversations with Island Boy

Island Boy had to check with me before he made a faux pas.

IB: Does Spiderman sing?

RG: Oh, absolutely!

–Running Girl


Quiz: Esoteric Colors

I’m terrible with colors.  I’m not officially color blind.  I would describe myself more as “color indifferent.”

Trusting that you are better at colors than I, here is a color quiz Continue reading